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How can I use Zapier with Charma?
How can I use Zapier with Charma?

Further integrate ticketing, project, HR systems and more using Zapier with Charma.

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Charma integrations enhance your efficiency and productivity in several ways. In this article we'll talk through how this reach can be expanded by leveraging the powerful Zapier network.

What can the Charma-Zapier integration do?

  • Automate creating data (action items/discussion topics) between Charma and your other platforms through Triggers and Actions:

These are Instant Triggers that enable real-time connection:

Triggers fire when items are first created in your synced system. This is best used when you want to talk through and track something with your team member (such as a service ticket, engineering task, new project, etc.). Triggers send the text content that appears as a Charma Discussion Topic or Action Item.

WorkPatterns triggers in Zapier
  • The “New Action Item Assigned” trigger is for any new Action Item assigned to you.

  • "New Item Created" allows you select a specific Charma workspace where you'd like this import to appear.

Please note: The Zap instantly creates new objects in Charma with the information from the source system. After that any later updates to the WorkPatters version of the object will not be reflected in the source system. It's a oneway street.

These are Actions in Charma that can be done based on your Triggers:

How to set up/authenticate?

  • Zapier zap builder UI is complex but fairly easy to follow if you know how zaps generally work/what zapier is

  • Authentication form in zapier zap builder:

  • Follow the link and paste in the token (which will only be visible once we manually turn on the flag for specific users)

  • Can only authenticate/create zaps for your own account, can’t automate for a team

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