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How can I change my email notifications?
How can I change my email notifications?
From real-time to day-ahead planning, this article shows how to update notifications.
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Each user can control the emails from the notification settings (linked here). Below is a screenshot showing how to navigate there:

navigating to WorkPatterns notification settings

These are the default emails when first signing up for Charma:

customizing email notifications from WorkPatterns

Please note that some emails are system-based, such as trial expiring or changes to users on your account. These aren't part of the notification settings.

Pro-tip: It's best practice to integrate with your team's chat system such as Slack, MS Teams, or Google Chat. This can be done either from the integrations page or notifications settings.

integrating Slack, MS Teams, or Google Chat with WorkPatterns

Once chat is integrated each user can tailor notifications to her or his preferences: via Email, chat, or in Charma only.

customizing Slack notifications for WorkPatterns

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