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Can I use @yahoo or a personal email?
Can I use @yahoo or a personal email?

You cannot open a Charma account with some personal email domains, but you may join one with them.

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Creating an account using personal and other consumer email addresses (such as,, etc.) are not supported by Charma at this time.

Our system organizes users using their email domain to validate if they are part of an organization or company. Since there are thousands of people with addresses, for example, allowing these as "companies" would incorrectly group these individuals.

Please note:

You cannot start a Charma account with a personal email, but you may join one with it. If you are looking to join or invite team members to an established Charma account, these users can use their personal accounts.

Additionally you can still integrate with any of your Zoom, Google, Outlook, Slack, etc. accounts. That is, you can sync your @yahoo-based Zoom or Calendar to your Charma account even though it was created with a different email by visiting our Integrations page (linked here).

Again, the reason for requiring a company email is so that we can establish your account as your company. And from there, you can connect any of your other systems even if you use a different login/address to access them.

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