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How does the Sales Assistant feature in Charma work?
How does the Sales Assistant feature in Charma work?
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The Charma Sales Assistant streamlines the resolution of CRM data quality issues, saving time and improving data quality. Sales Assistant integrates with your CRM and identifies nudges - issues in the data that need to be resolved and then notifies the best people to resolve them.

For example, configuring the Sales Assistant to create a nudge for open Opportunities with a close date in the past will send a notification in Charma to the Opportunity's owner like this:

The notification contains action buttons that allow the user to quickly resolve the nudge without having to open Salesforce.

The notifications can also be delivered to Slack:

Your team's progress in improving data quality can be visualized on a Leaderboard which shows the number of nudges open and resolved, broken down by time, user and type of nudge.

To get started using Sales Assistant go to the Assistants page and select the Sales Assistant. Check out the other Sales Assistant support articles here for more details on how to start using it.

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