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How do I choose which nudges the Charma Sales Assistant generates?
How do I choose which nudges the Charma Sales Assistant generates?
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The Sales Assistant generates nudges, which are alerts about CRM data quality issues (an Opportunity's Close Date is in the past) or adherence to best practices (an Opportunity stuck in the Discovery stage for over a month should be moved to Closed / Lost).

To configure which nudges are generated by the Sales Assistant, go here. You will see a list of all available nudges and whether or not they are active:

To activate a nudge, click the toggle switch on the right:

Once the nudge has been activated, it will appear in the Leaderboard and users will receive notifications for it.

Each nudge has settings for exactly when it is triggered. To change the settings for a given nudge, click the arrow on the left:

This will expose the settings for the nudge:

The available settings depend on the nudge. For the Missed Close Date nudge, you can set how far in the past the close date has to be to trigger the nudge, and which action buttons are displayed with the nudge.

The Save Changes button saves any changes made to the settings.

The Preview button displays which nudges would be generated for a given configuration of the settings.

If the existing nudges are not flexible enough for what you want to achieve with the Sales Assistant, then you can create a Custom Nudge using the Sales Assistant rule-builder. The rule-builder is a Beta feature. To enable it please email [email protected]

The rule-builder allows you to build arbitrary trigger conditions for any Salesforce object.

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