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How does the Charma Slack integration work?
How does the Charma Slack integration work?

In additional to timely notifications from Charma to Slack, you can also create tasks and updated agendas from Slack to Charma.

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Teams who have adopted Slack often have more than just DMs about lunch or a dog gif in their #random channel. But even with all it's qualities, there are times when tasks, topics, and accountability get missed in the flow of messages.

Charma leverages Slack's robust API to create a meeting agenda from Slack channels, to provide timely and customizable notifications, and even to capture and assign action items using our slash-command ( /charma ).

It all starts by connecting Slack from the integrations page).

Once you've authenticated your integration, it's time to head to Slack.

  1. Type a forward slash / in any Slack channel or DM to bring up the command menu.

  2. Then search for your integration by typing "Charma".

  3. Simply selecting /charma will bring up our help text, calling out our two most common commands for creating new Discussion Topics and new Action Items without leaving Slack.

What is AgendaAI and how does it work with Slack?

Use our A.I. to review specific channels looking for unresolved discussions that may warrant future conversation in a meeting. Simply select which meeting workspace to show these suggestions then identify which Slack channels are relevant.

Receiving and responding to Slack notifications from Charma.

  • when you're an assigned action item

  • when an action item is past due

  • when an action item you assigned has been marked completed

  • agendas for upcoming meetings (based on our Calendar Integration).

You can even respond to a notification about an action item by marking the item as complete from within Slack.

For any questions or feedback, please reach out to us using the chat option on this screen or by contacting [email protected].

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