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How does the Charma Teams Integration Work?
How does the Charma Teams Integration Work?
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The Charma Teams Integration is a bot that can deliver notifications about activity relevant to you in Charma, and lets you create Charma action items from within Teams.

The integration can be installed to a team, group chat or personal chat. After the integration is installed it will post a welcome message like this - please note WorkPatterns is our previous name, so this still applies:

The bot will deliver the following types of notifications:

  • When an action item in Charma is past due

  • When you've been assigned an action item in Charma

Notifications look like this:

You can turn these notifications off by going to the Notification Settings page here and clicking the 'mute' button for Teams.

The bot also supports the following commands:

  • my_action_items - This command will list all incomplete action items assigned to you.

  • create_action_item - This command will let you create an action item within Teams

Note that you need a Charma account before you can interact with the Teams Integration. You can create a Charma account here.

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