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What are workspaces in Charma?
What are workspaces in Charma?
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Workspaces are collaboration spaces between you and your coworkers. Think of it as your place for collaboration and transparency. You can add discussion topics, assign action items, set due dates and get notified when tasks get completed in a workspace.

There are two types of workspaces, 1:1s & Groups.

⭐️ 1:1 workspaces are private between you and one other person, often a manager or direct report but sometimes a colleague you collaborate on projects frequently.

🚀 Group workspaces are for more than two people, group workspaces are great for weekly team meetings and cross-functional initiatives. Each organization automatically has an All Hands workspace to use for whole team meetings or cross-functional collaboration.

The primary tab of your workspace consists of two sections: Discussion Topics and Action Items. 

Use Discussion Topics section to add things you'd like to discuss. Your teammate will be able to see the topics you add. When you complete a topic, you can find them in "View all Completed" located below your action items.

Use the Action Items section to add tasks that just need to get done. Often, discussion topics are converted into action items in recurring meetings. Action items should have a clear owner, and a due date. We'll notify the owner when they're assigned. We'll also notify the author and the owner when the task's due date is close.

Need to add a private note that's only visible to you? Use the "You (Private)" workspace, accessible from the side navigation.

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